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Welcome to Red River Compression

Red River Compression has become an industry leader in solutions development in regards to small hp - wellhead compression environments that operators are encountering. By addressing these harsh environments, Red River Compression is now the industry leader in technology innovation, environmental and economic solutions and compression optimization!

The experience and enthusiasm our customers realize are only part of the core values of our outstanding performance. That very performance has built the longstanding relationships we enjoy with all of our customers today. We are skilled professionals working together, delivering the finest equipment and services available to oil and gas companies around the world.

Our mission is to deliver maximum production, and at the same time lead an ever evolving industry in setting the standard for environmental compliance, efficiency, reliability and best in class response. Our technical and operational expertise allows us to offer our customers the resources and services necessary for them to reach the pinnacle of profitability in a highly competitive market.

Explore the problem-solving, production increasing solutions for:      

  • Cold Winters
  • Hot Summers
  • Spill Protection
  • Noise Regulations
  • Air Quality Standards


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